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Information Technology sector was started in Lakshadweep on 5th June 1999 with the objective to computerize Govt. offices, create IT infrastructure & culture amongst Government employees, students and citizens and facilitate the development/ maintenance, implementation & support.

e-Development of Lakshadweep as the engine for transition into a developed Union Territory and an empowered society. e-Development of Lakshadweep through multi pronged strategy of sustainable & secure e-Infrastructure creation to facilitate and promote e-governance, promotion of Electronics & Information Technology-Information Technology Enabled Services (IT-ITeS) Industry, providing support for creation of Innovation, building Knowledge network.

  • .e-Government: Providing IT infrastructure for delivery of e-governance.
  • .e-Industry: Promotion of electronics and IT-ITeS industry.
  • .e-Innovation: Providing Support for creation of Innovation Infrastructure in emerging areas of technology.
  • .e-Education: Providing support for development of e-Skills and Knowledge network.
  • .e-Security:Creation and maintenance of secure e-Infrastructure.
  • .e-Inclusion: Promoting the use of ICT for more inclusive growth
  • .e-services- delivery of services to citizen & beneficiaries under Social Sector


  • · Implementation of Policies relating to Information Technology, Electronics and Internet.
  • · Assistance to other departments in the promotion of E-Governance, E-Infrastructure, E-Medicine, E-Commerce, etc.
  • · Promotion of Information Technology education & training and Information Technology-based education.
  • · Promotion of Information Technology and Information Technology enabled services and Internet.
  • Initiative on bridging the Digital Divide.
  • · Computer Software Development & Promotion.
  • · Coordination with National Informatics Centre (NIC) for all necessary purposes.
  • · Initiatives for development of Hardware / Software industry including knowledge based enterprises, measures for promoting Information Technology exports and competitiveness of the industry.
  • · Matters relating to Cyber Laws, administration of the Information Technology Act. 2000 (21 of 2000) and other Information Technology related laws.
  • · Promotion of Standardization, Testing and Quality in Information Technology and standardization of procedure for Information Technology application and Tasks.
  • HR management under the control of the Department.
    • The Department of IT operates with the help of Lakshadweep IT Services Society (LITSS) which is the nodal agency for e-governance and provides assistance to other Departments of the Administration in facilitation of introduction of IT to promote e-governance.
    • The Department has setup Video Conference facilities in all islands, which are being successfully utilized for official meetings.
    • The training programs on basics of computers, office automation, e-Governance & internet are being conducted to the employees of the Administration, the Panchayat Functionaries.
    • A State Wide Area Network is being established in Lakshadweep through Satellite based Vertical Connectivity and by connecting all the offices through the Horizontal connectivity and setting up of LAN within the offices of the Lakshadweep Administration located in the Islands and mainland.
    • E-literacy and electronic delivery of services is envisaged through the CSCs (Common Service Centres) to be operated by VLEs (Village Level Entrepreneurs).
    • Public Grievance Registration & Monitoring system for redressal of public grievances is under development.


The Department of Information Technology has successfully implemented the schemes/projects through its nodal agency Lakshadweep Information Technology Services Society (LITSS) such as Common Service Centre (CSC) for delivery of all Govt. Services to the citizens, e-Procurement for the procurement of goods and product through electronic mode, co-located the Lakshadweep State Data Centre at Trivandrum, hosted the Citizen Application & Material Management System of LBDB to receive applications from citizens for availing building materials for construction. All the citizen centric eGovernance projects are going to be integrated with the Payment gateway with help of NSDL. It had framed and published Lakshadweep Information Technology (Electronics Service Delivery) Rules, 2012. Department of IT had designed & developed websites for Lakshadweep Administration and is maintaining the existing websites, and provided maintenance of ICT equipment under Administration. Data has been digitized for the Public Distribution System. LITSS imparted free computer courses to all citizens of Lakshadweep through Centre for Development of Advance Computing (CDAC) as IT for Masses project. The LITSS has set-up 9 IT training centres in across various islands. It has set-up videoconferencing system in all islands. LITSS developed the Passenger Grievance Registration & Monitoring to register and handle grievances onboard the passenger ships of Lakshadweep Administration. Various departmental applications has been developed such as, online Membership Management of Water Sports Club for Tourism Department, Alerts through SMS on weather warnings can be generated through Weather Warning System. It signed MoU with UIDAI to establish the State Resident Data Hub to build a clean master database of State-specific residents whose details shall be derived from the Aadhaar enrolment data and to facilitate easy incorporation of Aadhaar Authentication Services into various State/UT applications.

Long Term Goals, Results and Outcomes

The progress made so far has set a platform for DIT to define its goals and outcomes for the next five years. These goals and outcomes have been categorized into four broad categories as follows:

  • Shared and Secured e-Governance Infrastructure
  • Human Resource Infrastructure for e-Governance
  • Expediting e-delivery of services
  • Improve service delivery outcomes

Administrative Setup