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The Government of India has embarked an ambitious initiative for issuing Unique Identification Number (AADHAAR) to the residents of India in order to provide clean, accessible identification that could be used for administering benefits & entitlements as well as online authentication for service delivery that could be used across India.

The Administration of UTL was requested to suggest a strategy for enrolment of citizens for assigning Unique Ids and also for effective use of existing department databases during and after the enrolment process. Another objective was to make department’s databases UID complaint, so that the State could utilize UIDs for uniquely identifying beneficiaries under various schemes, which could lead to improved delivery of services. To this end, Administration of Lakshadweep has proposed to implement a multi- departmental model approach and has evaluated various options to enable participating department’s databases to be integrated seamlessly with AADHAAR to derive mutual value by keeping the UID database up-to-date as well as utilizing the information for effective service delivery.

The Administration proposes to have a centralized infrastructure to facilitate Aadhaar enablement of these departments and has identified various schemes of these departments. This would in turn spin off to providing services to citizens based on Aadhaar authentication and Aadhaar Enabled Payment System. This central architecture: Aadhaar Integrated System will form a bridge between the departmental application and the UIDAI/Aadhaar system. The system will benefit from the SRDH framework to effectively manage the resident data in a digitized, centralized and secure manner, enhance Aadhaar security, leverage resident data in service delivery applications and incorporate Aadhaar Authentication into various applications.